battery kinzie. (rhapsodos) wrote in forsaken_icons,
battery kinzie.


[22] Death Note
[6] X/1999
[6] RomeoxJuliet
[19] Final Fantasy X-2
[64] Final Fantasy VII
[62] Kingdom Hearts
[180] Total


priced and placed upon a shelf.Collapse )

→ comment if taking anything.
→ credit to either rhapsodos or forsaken_icons if taking anything. And if these are for greatestjournal use, credit to awkwarder or withoutdoubts there.
→ do not alter these.
→ do not hotlink!
→ comment here to affiliate!
→ feel free to add the community.
→ enjoy!
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Wonderful coloring :3
Taking many from Death Note and Subaru ones ^^
Snagging 20. :3 Thank you.
Very cool! I snagged #85 and 153 :)
snagged 1, 2, 18, 9, 15, and 20. thanks so much for sharing! will credit you when I use...!
snagged #25. thank you!
Love the DN ones! I'm taking #2 and #19. Will credit.
Thank you~!
taking number 57. will credit. thanks!

oh my god those cosplay icons are amazing! cloud's hair certainly defies gravity.
Hope you don't mind me taking number 8! Will credit when used.
taking 175 ^^
Thank yas~ I took some of the DN icons. Real cuute~
Omg! I feel like i'm on wall mart with everything at low prices,... or, with no price at all!
tksssssssssssssss a bunch
took #58 & 73 will credit ^_^
The cosplay icons kick ass ♥
Oh god, I almost died when I saw 9. I'm stealing it, please, thank you!?
thank you
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